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Smart algo solutions

8 years of fast, secure, and decentralized solutions for your successful and stable future. Make up to 80,000 transactions per second with our innovative blockchain system

What is Smart Algo?

Smart Algo is the driving force behind the future of Blockchain 4.0 and automated cryptocurrency trading. We build technologies and products for cryptocurrency trading widely used in the industry.

Our Service

Our unique digitized innovations, developed on the basis of the latest AI innovations, are here to make a real breakthrough in the Blockchain market.

Smart Chain

Get the fastest and most secure Blockchain with more than five billion transactions per day

Smart Apps

Smart Algo has fully revolutionized Smart Contracts to decentralize any service

Smart Gate

Embed any parts of the code into your application or browser

Smart Robots

Generate stable profit with automated trading AI robots

Smart Staking

Stake your digital assets with us and earn a stable profit

Smart Marketplace

Use Smart Algo as your exchanging partner for crypto assets

Smart Wallet

Smart Algo Wallet is decentralized non - custodial wallet

  1. Simple to control your assets and earn incomes from staking SXT and USDS
  2. Cross-Chain for over 25+ integrated blockchains
  3. Fully secured by your own backup phrase and private key.

Smart Marketplace is a unique place where our users can exchange SXT and USDS assets into different types of products for a much better price than in the regular market.

For example, you can buy a brand new Iphone 13 for only 490 USDS or 4950 SXT instead of $700 in a regular store!


Earn interest on your cash and cryptocurrency assets from staking in no time. Begin staking in only a few clicks and get rewards automatically!

Our Roadmap

  • Smart Algo’s first project development
  • Public release
  • Registration and an office in UK
  • First crypto trading robots
  • Smart Chain development
  • Smart Apps development
  • The latest crypto robots updates
  • Decentralization of the network
  • DeFi integration
  • Marketplace Development
  • Smart gate release
  • Smart Wallet Development
  • Smart Launchpad Development
  • Mobile Apps Development
How it works
Our unique digitized innovations, developed on the basis of the latest AI innovations
Register and learn more about how services can help you achieve your financial goals
Buy coins to stake.
Pick the most suitable staking plan for you.
Receive your income , withdraw your coins or reinvest as you see fit.

Smart Staking

Earn interest on your cash and cryptocurrency assets from staking in no time. Begin staking in only a few clicks and get rewards automatically! Smart Algo offers two staking opportunities:


A stable coin that provides holders with stable passive income, offers operational capacity, and increases liquidity of the transactions from staking it. By uniting multiple blockchains, USDS aims to achieve high security and scalability.


Our unique Smart Staking Token for developing decentralized applications and enterprise blockchain installations in an easy and highly scalable ecosystem. The liquidity from SXT is used in our Smart Apps in Arbitrage Traffic generation.

Staking plans

We developed a range of staking plans to meet the needs of our diverse audience. Select the most suitable plans for you.

Level 1
6 months
Level 2
1 year
Level 3
2 years
1 year

Our advantages

Just have a look at a few of the perks our robots deliver to customers:

1Easy Start

You don’t need to be a pro to start using our products. Even if you’re new to the world of fintech, you can begin your journey right away. Our experienced team will provide you with many tips and useful recommendations that will turn onboarding into a joyful experience.

2High-level Automation

A fully automated system will make your trading hassle-free. You don’t need to spend hours analyzing the market or monitoring the activity as our robots will do it for you. With a swift price response and a smart “stop-loss and take-profit” system, you’re always sticking to the safe side of things.


Security of your capital is our top priority. To ensure you always use a winning strategy, our professional team developed a “stop-loss” system that is designed to prevent capital losses. You can also address our risk managers to make sure you follow the trends.

4Stable Passive Income

Whether you’re an experienced trader or just beginning your journey, you can enjoy the benefits of trading with our AI-based robots. If the day is successful and our robots spot the opportunity, you get your profit at the end of the day. It is as easy as that!

524/7 Support

Have you had that irritating experience when you had to wait hours until a customer care specialist processes your request? That will not happen with Smart Algo. Our team is always here to meet your needs with a useful tip, advice, or recommendation.

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