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Our unique trading robots, developed on the basis of the latest AI innovations, made a real breakthrough in the crypto market.

We provide a unique package of robots where each is responsible for a particular part of the process:

Trading Robots

Apply smart AI algorithms to take part in trading

Arbitrage Robots

Crawling the top world exchanges to spot the best opportunities in the market

Safe Robots

Analyze total market capitalization and look for dramatic drops by volume and type of assets


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Receive your income, withdraw or reinvest.

Our Investment Packages

We developed a range of investment packages to meet the needs of our diverse audience. Select the most suitable package for you.

Level 1
Client Profit (fee)
Perfomance (fee)
Level 2
Client Profit (fee)
Perfomance (fee)
Level 3
Client Profit (fee)
Perfomance (fee)
Level 4
Client Profit (fee)
Perfomance (fee)
Client Profit (fee)
Perfomance (fee)
Trader +
Client Profit (fee)
Perfomance (fee)

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From: 07/01/22 To 07/01/23
Please note the higher your investment, the lower fee you pay.
Loss coverage guarantee

Just have a look at a few of the perks our robots deliver to customers:

1Easy Start

You don’t need to be a pro to start using our products. Even if you’re new to the world of fintech, you can begin your journey right away. Our experienced team will provide you with many tips and useful recommendations that will turn onboarding into a joyful experience.

2High-level Automation

A fully automated system will make your trading hassle-free. You don’t need to spend hours analyzing the market or monitoring the activity as our robots will do it for you. With a swift price response and a smart “stop-loss and take-profit” system, you’re always sticking to the safe side of things.


Security of your capital is our top priority. To ensure you always use a winning strategy, our professional team developed a “stop-loss” system that is designed to prevent capital losses. You can also address our risk managers to make sure you follow the trends.

4Stable Passive Income

Whether you’re an experienced trader or just beginning your journey, you can enjoy the benefits of trading with our AI-based robots. If the day is successful and our robots spot the opportunity, you get your profit at the end of the day. It is as easy as that!

524/7 Support

Have you had that irritating experience when you had to wait hours until a customer care specialist processes your request? That will not happen with Smart Algo. Our team is always here to meet your needs with a useful tip, advice, or recommendation.