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About us

Smart Algo is one of the driving forces behind the future of automated cryptocurrency trading. We build technologies and products for cryptocurrency trading widely used in the industry.

We're a team of professional software developers and traders with extensive trading experience.

About Us

Our mission

Our main mission is to provide our clients with the most efficient ways to obtain royalties for the use of quantum technologies and give them special access to strategic partners' platforms.

Thousands of cryptocurrency lovers, professionals, and investors rely on our company as their preferred platform for automated cryptocurrency strategies.

By making automated trading an essential part of every crypto trader's toolkit, we open an opportunity for pioneers in the field of financial technology - from avid cryptocurrency enthusiasts to new leaders - to make unusual automated trading strategies and get the desired result.

At Smart Algo, we strive to take full advantage of quantum technology. It helps us stay one step ahead of all the competition by embedding data processing in quantum neural networks and harnessing quantum algorithms' computing power. This allows us to significantly increase the accuracy of the analytical data used for the development, tuning, and adjustment of algorithmic systems and increase the platform's overall efficiency.

Our advantages


You can easily became a part of our ecosystem.

Constant profit

You get a profit at the end of each trading day (if the day is profitable).


We have no hidden fees.
Our robots provide
  • One of the best profitable services
  • Sustainable passive income
  • Financial independence and stability
Our key values
  • Customer oriented;
  • Investing in others;
  • Responsibility;
  • Fearlessness;
  • The absence of any nonsense.

We offer

Automatic buy and sell signals

They allow you to trade faster and more profitably, receive automatic buy and sell signals with the best entry and exit levels without any delay.

Strategy Development

We offer clear goals and objectives to understand when you should be happy with the trading algorithm, knowledge about the market in which it will be better for you to trade, and the desired annual return and drawdown.

Arbitrage panel for manual trading

Get your best online trading solution

Whether you are new to the trading arena or have a wide range of experience, Smart Algo signals will improve your trading skills.

Reliable trading signals

Based on your choice of an asset, our trading robot will provide the best trading signals allowing you to easily identify potentially profitable trading opportunities in the financial markets.

Customizable trading parameters

With our algorithms, you can easily customize the platform according to your trading preferences. Moreover, you can also set a preferred probability for trading signals, allowing you to have complete control over your trading experience.

Advanced trading experience

With our robots' help, you will have access to all the tools and information you need to trade effectively. By using our robots, you have the opportunity to improve your trading skills, strategies, and results.

Continuous customer support

Smart Algo customer support is available around the clock, which allows you to get help or an answer to a question at any time.