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How It Works

How does our profitable algorithm work?

Our main advantage over other platforms is artificial intelligence, which can execute transactions on behalf of our clients. Our team employs a self-learning neural network so that robots can work tirelessly while learning. Thus, robots know much more about deals this year compared to last year.

What is an automated trading system?

Over the past few years, automated trading systems have become more popular due to their ease of use. Moreover, you do not need to have super complex software, special knowledge, or even investment funds. All you need is a computer, the Internet, and the amount of money you are willing to spend on your trades.


But how can you be sure that the automated trading platform is doing everything right? There are two ways. First, EAs use a fairly wide range of algorithms to help them understand what they are doing. Second, platforms like Smart Algo use AI to learn more about trades and improve their skills.

Self-learning network

Our trading robots stand out from the competition because they are built with self-learning neural networks. In this case, while the specialists teach them basic trading, Fibonacci trading, or fractal trading, the network continues to build up its knowledge by applying data to trades and improving results.

Inside the self-learning system, some algorithms analyze all charts and information using various methods to choose the most profitable and least risky trading strategy.

Reliable investment

The Smart Algo system can bring much more profit, which means a higher probability of returning to our clients. But we also have other security measures that reliably protect the funds that users invest because our customers are our highest priority. For example, all of your negative trading results are covered by our reserve fund, and the system has a stop loss to minimize losses on a bad day. Besides, our platform does not use leverage, so we never borrow money. We only trade with our own funds and our clients to minimize risks.