Our Product

Our unique trading robots, developed on the basis of the latest AI innovations, made a real breakthrough in the crypto market.

We provide a unique package of robots where each is responsible for a particular part of the process:

Trading Robots

Apply smart AI algorithms to take part in trading

Arbitrage Robots

Crawling the top world exchanges to spot the best opportunities in the market

Safe Robots

Analyze total market capitalization and look for dramatic drops by volume and type of assets

What is so unique about this product? Our robots monitor the market with the help of AI algorithms every second to analyze the market and respond when they spot the best opportunities. This is not just a trendy AI software but a whole ecosystem where every part works as a clock to gain maximum results for our clients.

Is it All Safe?

To guarantee the privacy and maximum security of your funds, our team of professionals developed a one-of-a-kind “stop-loss and panic-sell system” to prevent equity losses. In case our Safe Robot scans the market and identifies negative tendencies, our system will automatically exchange all trading assets to stable coins.

You’re always on the safe side with Smart Algo


If you’re concerned about security, we are here to ensure that our team monitors our AI robots 24/7 to check whether they work correctly and bring the desired result to our clients. We also continuously invest in the development of our technology to make sure it meets the highest market standards.