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Risk Policy

Operational Risk Policy

The highest level of security of the Smart Algo platform resources is ensured by stricter compliance with the following set of measures:

  • All platform resources allocated for operations in the cryptocurrency market are under the full control of the Risk Management Department;
  • Platform resources are hosted on exchange wallets and multi-sig cold storage wallets.

Our Compliance & Security team protects our platform resources from fraud, industrial espionage, or any other type of electronic or physical threat and attack.

Trading Risk Policy

Without applying a policy of risk to all our work methods and maintaining high performance, it would be impossible to trade in the cryptocurrency market.

The resources of our platform used in active operations are allocated to sub-accounts. The amount of resources allocated to various algorithmic systems or traditional working methods is determined by assessing KPIs' key performance.

Risk Factors

Since risks are an integral part of any business process, and although Smart Algo follows strict rules aimed at managing and minimizing potential risks, users of our platform should be aware of all existing risks:

  • An inherent risk;
  • Resource impairment risk;
  • Risk of tightening regulation of cryptocurrency assets or restricting transactions on the platform by the regulatory body;
  • The risk of incompetent internal actions and processes.