Earn interest on your cash and cryptocurrency assets from staking in no time. Begin staking in only a few clicks and get rewards automatically!

Smart Algo offers two staking opportunities:

  • SXT – our unique Smart Staking Token for developing decentralized applications and enterprise blockchain installations in an easy and highly scalable ecosystem. The liquidity from SXT is used in our Smart Apps in Arbitrage Traffic generation.

    Our new upcoming products will use our token that’s built for the scale of international finance, with near-instant transactions.Using our unique trading links provides users with up to 60% ROI which can be easily withdrawn to Crypto Exchange on a daily basis.

  • USDS – a stable coin that provides holders with stable passive income, offers operational capacity, and increases liquidity of the transactions from staking it. By uniting multiple blockchains, USDS aims to achieve high security and scalability.

    The liquidity from USDS is used for automated and manual trading. Staking this token is 100% secure due to our unique Safe Robots, which guarantee not only the safety of transactions but of the private data.